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    Welcome to Smithville Dental

    Smithville is a beautiful city, and we take great pride in being the gold standard for dentistry. In Smithville Texas, Smithville Dental is committed to providing compassionate care while practicing dentistry with skill and professionalism. We’re here to help you achieve your healthiest, most radiant smile, and we want to make sure you feel at ease and well-informed at every turn.

    Visit our Smithville Dental office for a wide range of services. We are delighted to provide our patients with restorative therapy including fillings, Zoom teeth whitening, crowns or bridges, root canals, and more in addition to standard examinations, cleanings, and x-rays. Those who already have dentures and those who will shortly receive their first pair can both count on our assistance.

    Dental Services

    In order to help you attain your healthiest and happiest smile, we at Smithville Dental are pleased to provide a wide range of dental services in Smithville, Tx.

    Dr. Chloe Bethea

    Your Dentist at Smithville Dental

    Dr. Chloe Bethea attended the University of Texas at San Antonio where she graduated with honors, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. She went on to attend Baylor Texas A&M College of Dentistry in Dallas where she received awards for her community service while earning her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree.

    Dr. Bethea is always exploring continuing education and is an active member of the American Dental Association and the Texas Dental Association. As a dentist, she has a passion for providing high quality, conservative dental care in a stress-free environment. When she’s not caring for patients she enjoys spending time with her family, engaging in community events, antiquing, reading and painting.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What are the things I should take care of for my first consultation?

      Please refrain from using any painkillers or medications before seeing your dentist if you are experiencing tooth pain because they will hide the symptoms.
      You must always carry your:

      ● Your medical history.
      ● History of Allergies

    • How often should visit the dentist?

      One ought to at the very least visit dentist twice a year or every six months for routine check-ups.

      One is urged to see the dentist right away if they have a toothache, bleeding gums, sensitive teeth, or any other dental issue.

    • Can Brushing Teeth Cause Loose Teeth?

      No infact The cleaning process prevents teeth from becoming loose. The bone and gums around the teeth help to keep them firmly in place. The food particles and bacteria that form tartar around the teeth infect the bone and gums. This illness causes the bone and gum levels to recede, resulting in gaps between the teeth. If this tartar is not routinely removed, teeth may become loose. The cleaning process will assist in removing tartar and halt the recession of the gum and bone. The teeth and gums’ health and longevity will improve as a result.

    • Certainly, having your child's teeth filled is vital.

      Children must use their baby teeth until they are adults and have their permanent teeth in order to chew, speak, and smile. Permanent teeth are held in place by baby teeth. Baby teeth are more prone to tilt or slip into empty spaces if your child loses a baby tooth too soon, leaving less room in the jaw for the eruption of the permanent tooth. The permanent tooth could erupt obstructed or with crowding if addressed.

      Baby teeth that are decayed can be painful, infected, and problematic when it comes to sleeping, eating, and going to school. Some children don’t lose their baby teeth until they’re 12 or 13, which is too long for them to be in pain.

    • A dental filling is what? Do I require it?

      A filling can bring back the function and appearance of a tooth that has been decayed. A filling is performed by a dentist by first extracting the decayed/black deep cavities, cleaning the damaged area, and then filling the cleaned-out area of the tooth with a biocompatible filling material.

      A filling also aids in stopping additional degradation by preventing access points for microorganisms. At Smithville Dental we use composite filling to give your tooth a natural white appearance.

    • What Should I Do If My Tooth Is Cracked or Broken?

      See your local dentist right away if your tooth is fractured, chipped, or broken. Otherwise, your tooth can suffer additional harm or develop an infection. The tooth can end up falling out. The course of treatment for a broken or chipped tooth will depend on how badly it has been hurt. A good tooth-colored filling can usually be used to replace a little bit of fractured enamel or the outside white surface of the tooth. A root canal, crown, or dental veneer may be necessary for a tooth that is severely cracked or damaged.

    • Is Smithville Dentistry an X-ray facility?

      We do, indeed. Your dentist at Smithville Dentistry can use X-rays to look for oral health problems that could be challenging to spot during a visual examination alone. To create a baseline for your oral health, spot potential issues like cavities, tooth rot, and impacted teeth, or get ready for a more extensive dental procedure, your dentist may advise getting a full series of X-rays.

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