You can feel confident knowing that Dr. Patel and his staff are here to make the transition to dentures as painless as possible at Smithville Dental. The many types of dentures and their advantages are described in the following material.

Advantages of Dentures

Dentures have a number of advantages. Although it may appear that they just offer an aesthetic remedy for missing teeth, they have demonstrated value in the following situations:

  • Improve speech problems
  • Improve chewing or eating problems
  • Keep your teeth from shifting or moving
  • Stop the bone from eroding

There are a number of various types of dentures that can be employed as a solution, depending on the clinical and aesthetic requirements of the patient. The patient’s aesthetic preferences, the number of teeth in the mouth (or absence thereof), and the existence of dental implants all affect the type of denture that is utilized. The following are the several denture types that are most frequently used:

  • Partial denture: Designed to fit in the mouth’s existing teeth. The patient’s natural teeth and gums are used as a guide for choosing the color of the teeth and gums. In order to keep the teeth in place and prevent them from shifting because of too much empty space in the mouth, partial dentures are essential.
  • Full denture: When there are no natural teeth left in the mouth, a full denture is inserted. Both the patient’s smile and the patient’s bone density are preserved by doing this.
  • Implant denture: Implant dentures are made to fit over implants with a simple snap. This is a great option for people who want a more “permanent” solution without having to deal with denture adhesive but still want to be able to remove their dentures.

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