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You can trust that the experts at Smithville Dental will ensure that your dental crown or bridge procedure is completed correctly at our Dental Clinic in Smithville, Texas. For a detailed explanation of dental bridges and crowns, keep reading.

What Are Crowns/Bridges?

A crown is commonly referred to as a “cap”. This cap is placed over the tooth in order to protect it from acquiring A “cap” is a frequent term for a crown. This cap is placed over the tooth to prevent further damage or to preserve dental procedures, such as a root canal or large filling, that have already been completed. Crowns used to be made of metal, silver, or gold, but today they are typically a combination of porcelain and metal. A bridge is just a three-unit crown (or more), which is intended to be positioned over two anchor teeth to fill the space between them.

The Crown/Bridge Procedure

The dentist will numb the region before starting the process. If a filling is required, the dentist will first repair any existing damage to the tooth before placing a composite filling. To make place for the crown or bridge, the tooth (or teeth) will subsequently be completely ground down on either side. After that, the dentist will take impressions of the tooth that will be used in a lab to create the crown or bridge. While the permanent crown or bridge is being created, a “temporary” crown will be put over the tooth for around two weeks. The patient will after that have a nicely restored tooth after the placement of the long-lasting crown or bridge in the mouth. The crown or bridge will be constructed in a shade that closely resembles the color of the surrounding teeth, making the restoration almost invisible to the human eye.

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