Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer screening

Screenings for oral cancer are an essential component of preserving your oral health. For more details on oral cancer screenings in Smithville, Texas, keep reading.

What is a screening for oral cancer?

In order to check for any indications of emerging or existing cancer inside the mouth, oral cancer screenings are performed.

Do not panic if your dentist or dental hygienist has suggested that you have an oral cancer screening; they are merely recommending that you be proactive in managing your oral health and preventing oral cancer.

How is a screening for oral cancer conducted?

Your dentist or dental hygienist will perform a comprehensive examination of the interior of your mouth, checking all areas, to start your oral cancer evaluation.

The interior of the mouth will next typically be checked with a special light to illuminate tissue that may be cause for worry after the visual portion of the screening is complete. On occasion, you can be instructed to rinse using a specific mouthwash that will provide outcomes similar to these.

A biopsy will be collected and sent for testing if there is any reason for worry, and you might be recommended to a specialist.

Visit Smithville Dental for an oral cancer screening In Smithville, Texas

At Smithville Dental, we are committed to preserving our patient’s health at all times. Smithville residents can put their trust in Dr. Patel for oral cancer screening.  Call us at any time at 512-237-4420 to schedule an oral cancer test at our Smithville dental office.

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