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Teeth Whitening Smithville, TX

Many of us aspire to the ideal “Hollywood” white smile, yet the typical diet can discolor teeth and make it challenging to acquire a flawless white grin. Common causes of tooth discoloration or staining include drinking alcohol, smoking, and coffee. It might be time to talk to Dentist at Smithville Dental about professional teeth whitening if your whitening toothpaste isn’t giving you the white smile of your dreams.

Professional At-Home Teeth Whitening

Teeth can become discolored for a variety of causes. The most typical causes of tooth discoloration and staining are listed below.

All patients at Smithville Dental’s lovely Dental Clinic can now take advantage of our take-home teeth whitening treatments. This teeth-whitening technique is prevalent since it offers professional effects that may be easily obtained with at-home treatments. If you decide to use our professional at-home teeth whitening, you can anticipate the following:

#1 The color of the teeth as they currently are will be checked and noted for future use. The teeth’s impressions will be recorded.

#2 To produce 3-dimensional replicas of the patient’s mouth, the impressions will be poured up in stone. Custom resin trays will be made using these models.

#3 The patient will come back to pick up the trays and a kit that includes syringes filled with high-quality whitening gel that will be placed inside the personalized trays. There will be instructions for at-home application.

#4 To check on the whitening development, a follow-up consultation will be scheduled for two weeks later. If more whitening gel is required, the patient will receive it.

Trust Smithville Dental for the best teeth whitening in Smithville, Texas. Give us a call at 512-237-4420 or stop by our office to find out more about our teeth whitening options and how you can start on the path to a stunning white smile.

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