Can People with Veneers Still Have Coffee?

Can People with Veneers Still Have Coffee?

Struggling with mild to severe tooth discoloration? Veneers are still a viable alternative to teeth whitening. In just a few visits to the cosmetic dentist, your unsightly stains can be hidden by a thin, durable porcelain shell. But most patients are worried if they’ll have to give up drinking coffee and other dark drinks? If you are worried about the same, read on.

Is It Safe to Have Coffee If You Have Veneers?

The quick response is “yes.” Veneers are coffee-friendly. Superior materials, such as porcelain, also have the added benefit of being much more stain-resistant than natural teeth. However, it is still wise to take precautions, as they can fade from overexposure.

Don’t sacrifice your beautiful smile by giving up coffee, but do take some precautions.

Some tips:

  • Keep the liquid away from your teeth by using a straw.
  • Drink some water alongside your coffee to wash it down.
  • A soft-bristled toothbrush and some toothpaste should be used about 20 minutes later to brush your teeth.

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Whether you have one veneer or ten, you should take care of them all the same. Thankfully, this doesn’t necessitate a time-consuming routine of dental care. Instead, you can just continue doing the things that help your natural teeth stay strong and healthy.

  • You should at least brush for two minutes twice a day.
  • Use mouthwash and floss every day.
  • Go for a routine dental checkup every six months.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Limit the number of dark foods and drinks you consume.
  • To avoid getting cavities, it’s best to limit your sugar intake.

The last thing you want is for your veneers to fade after all the time and money you put into them. Using the above mentioned tips you can maintain their luster for longer without giving up your morning brew.


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