Why Is It Important That You Get the Tooth Crown Before the Year Is Over?

Why Is It Important That You Get the Tooth Crown Before the Year Is Over?

At your routine checkup examination, has your dentist informed you that you need a dental crown? It is possible that you will choose not to schedule that appointment because you do not wish to incur the related costs. On the other hand, doing so may end up being detrimental to both your financial situation and your oral health.

When you still have dental insurance benefits, it is in your best interest to seek treatment as soon as possible in order to avoid issues in the future and to make the most of your coverage. As you continue reading, your Smithville dentist will explain the reasons why you should obtain the dental crown that you require before the year comes to a close.

Why do dentists recommend dental crowns to their patients?

When the structure of a tooth has been weakened due to either decay or injury, a dental crown is often the kind of treatment that a dentist will recommend. The crown’s primary objective is to restore the tooth’s shape, size, and function to its original state. It is placed over the tooth that has been injured or decayed, preventing the tooth from fracturing and preventing harmful microorganisms from entering the tooth.

When I remove a dental crown, what are the consequences?

When your dentist suggests that you receive a dental crown, you should not put off the treatment for any longer than necessary. Otherwise, you will increase the likelihood that you will require treatments that are more complicated or expensive in the future.

Complications Due to Not Wearing a Dental Crown

  • When bacteria are allowed to enter deeper into a tooth that has been injured or is decaying and is not protected, the condition of the tooth might become even more severe. Additionally, it has the potential to result in a painful infection that will necessitate dental care.
  • When a tooth that has been weakened is not protected with a dental crown, there is an additional danger of further harm. The condition of your teeth will only deteriorate if you do not receive a dental crown. In the event that significant amounts of time pass, you will eventually require a root canal or extraction, both of which are more invasive and costly than a crown.
  • Your teeth may have become rough or fractured on the surfaces as a result of the damage. It is possible that you will get inflammation and sores in your mouth due to this.

Why Is It Important To Get a Dental Crown Before the Year Is Over?

While you are aware of the consequences that result from delaying the placement of a dental crown, are you aware of the reasons why it is advisable to have one before the end of the year? Give us a hint, and here it is: It is connected to the dental insurance plan that you take out.

The majority of dental benefits are set to expire on December 31st, which means that any unused benefits will not be carried over into the following year. Therefore, if you have any outstanding procedures that you require, now is the ideal moment to take advantage of your coverage. This is especially true if you have already satisfied your deductible and have not yet reached your yearly maximum. When you make the most of your coverage, you can significantly reduce the amount of money you have to pay out of pocket.

Make sure that you don’t throw away your perks! Schedule an appointment for a dental crown if you are in need of one or a dental checkup before the year ends and your dental insurance expires; this way, both your smile and your wallet will be grateful to you.


In order to give you treatments of the highest quality that will assist you in achieving and maintaining the healthiest smile possible, we at Smithville Dental go above and beyond. To ensure that all of your dental health requirements are met, our team of competent dentists and experienced staff will do everything in their power to fulfill them. Do not be reluctant to get in touch with our office if you are in need of a dental crown. Your tooth will be restored, and we will assist you in making the most of the benefits provided by your dental insurance before this year ends. To schedule an appointment, please visit our website or give us a call at 512-237-4420.

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