How does dry mouth affect your dental health?

How does dry mouth affect your dental health?

Did you know that having a “dry mouth” can lead to various dental difficulties, including foul breath, plaque accumulation, periodontitis, gingivitis, and an increased risk of cavities? Acidic saliva can be the cause of dry mouth. The remedy is not limited to simply drinking more water. To find out why your mouth is so acidic and how to fix it, you should see a dentist in Smithville with experience treating acid reflux. Your dentist will explain the oral science of dry mouth and advise you on the proper treatment.

Why take a saliva test?

You may find out how acidic or alkaline your saliva is by testing its pH (hydrogen-ion power). What you eat, medications you take for health issues, and how well you take care of your teeth and gums are all factors that can affect the pH of your saliva. If it’s more acidic than usual, you can have dry mouth and the other dental issues we discussed. The problem can get worse if you ignore it, because acidic saliva is bad for your teeth, fillings, and dentures. Everyone, including kids, is included in this.

What do you do if you have a dry mouth?

Individuals with dry mouth may respond differently to treatment. There are a wide variety of oral health issues. Depending on the reason and severity of your disease, you could be urged to try different things, such as adjusting your diet in favor of a healthier lifestyle and/or increasing your oral hygiene.

Home care for your mouth is tailored to your individual needs at Smithville Dental. The first step in our treatment for dry mouth is teaching you about oral science and the significance of maintaining normal saliva acidity.

We have helped many young adults and men and women of all ages regulate their saliva pH levels to enhance or eliminate dry mouth. When your mouth is healthier, you’ll have fewer cavities and your dental treatments will last longer.

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