Why You May Need To See An Endodontist?

Why You May Need To See An Endodontist?

When seeking more complex dental care, an endodontist is an excellent option. They address a variety of issues with a focus on tooth discomfort and its causes. Reviewing the following details can be helpful when deciding who to see for dental care.

Reasons to consult an endodontist

It can be helpful to learn more about what each kind of dental care specialist does when assessing the pros and cons of choosing between an endodontist and a regular dentist. Here are a few justifications for seeing an endodontist.


A toothache happens to almost everyone occasionally. In some cases, a general dentist can assess the pain and rapidly cure it by placing a tooth repair. A trip to an endodontist may be required, nevertheless, if the pain persists despite a dental restoration. A significant infection in the roots may be indicated by more intense pain, necessitating a root canal or a more involved operation.

Until an endodontist can identify the cause of the pain and administer the proper treatment, it may be beneficial to take an over-the-counter painkiller to ease the discomfort.

History of tooth injury

When a tooth has a history of trauma or an issue, endodontists are fantastic dental specialists to see. People who have had several dental restorations could benefit from seeing an endodontist since they might need more intensive treatment, like a root canal or oral surgery.

Multiple dental fillings, dental crown installation or damage, one or more root canals, fractured or broken teeth, or several cavities are examples of past injuries or issues.

Root canal

Getting a root canal is another reason to see an endodontist. Unlike a normal dentist who conducts a variety of operations, an endodontist specializes in conducting root canals. Their method for performing root canals is more sophisticated, precise, and frequently patient-friendly, so there is less pain and the procedure is considerably more efficient.

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Saving teeth

A trip to the endodontist may be necessary if the tooth is truly beyond saving. To restore oral health, endodontists have a lot of expertise in preserving teeth. Teeth that have been severely fractured, chipped, or cracked might receive treatment to keep them healthy and robust.


Endodontists receive training that enhances their ability to carry out operations that target severe tooth pain. General dentists are capable of performing root canals and other deep dental operations, but an endodontist has two additional years of training. They also frequently have more experience, which provides them the advantage of being able to assist those who require treatment for severe tooth pain.

Consult an endodontist right away

Contact our office right away to learn more about what an endodontist does. It is possible to address queries and worries as well as conduct an evaluation to establish the type of treatment required.

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