Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is the best available substance to help prevent tooth decay.  Almost all foods and water sources naturally contain this mineral at variable levels.  Since more than 50 years ago, people have been aware of fluoride’s advantages, which are backed by numerous governmental and academic institutions. In what ways does fluoride prevent tooth decay? Fluoride […]


Everything That You Should Know About Complete And Partial Dentures

What is a denture? A denture is a dental appliance that comes as both removable and fixed. Dentures are used as a replacement for lost teeth.  Dentures are manufactured to resemble natural teeth as closely as possible and work to bring back functionality and enhance the smile. How many types of dentures are there? Dentures […]


Periodontal Scaling & Root Planning

Root planning and scaling are periodontal treatments that target the removal of harmful agents that cause infection or inflammation in the gums, gingival tissue, and surrounding alveolar bone. These agents commonly include tartar/calculus and dental plaque. Unlike surgical procedures, periodontal therapy involves a thorough cleaning of the entire periodontium. It is a non-invasive approach that […]


What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a dental specialty that focuses on diagnosing and treating misaligned or irregular teeth in the upper or lower jaws. The word “orthodontics” originates from the Greek words “orthos,” meaning straight and “odons,” meaning teeth. While this treatment was originally designed for teens and pre-teens during their growing years, nowadays, around 30 percent of […]


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